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Gonna take another break from Twitter. No longer than a week I suspect. Will be back with more music + cause it's b…
about 4 days ago | @shunslab

Highlights: Tierra Whack’s Unemployed Music Video

I just happen to stumble on her music video Unemployed earlier today. It almost...

Song Of The Day: Untitled By Nas

One of the best storytellers in Hip-Hop.

Song Of The Day: To The Sky By Nipsey Hussle And Rick Ross.

The aftermath since Sunday is well documented by now. I've recently devoted a couple...

Experimentation Is The Name Of The Game

I dabble in music and film of course, but I'm also a long time...

Nipsey Hussle Book List, Curated By @theSIMSITY + Links

I wanna thank this sister for creating this book list of Nipsey's. I recall...

What Does Kilmonger, Inheritance And The Topic Of Reparations All Have In Common?

You see this title and go "what in the holy Hotep hell in this?"

This What I Think About Reparations

In 2019, if people could ever gather themselves and produce a claim against their...

Graphic Images And The Unconscious Mind

I was looking at some gameplay footage from the latest Mortal Kombat, MK11. I'm...

For Nipsey

Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle, will always remember you for things you represented. Hip-Hop...

Who Said This Rhyme? Akua Naru, Tierra Whack, Koffee or LightSkinKeisha?

Who Said This Rhyme? Wale, Blueface, Payroll Giovanni or Lil Boosie?

Who Said This Rhyme? Logic, Boogie, Jarren Benton or Cozz?

More About Shun’s Lab?

hun’s Lab is a place where different elements come together to form even greater elements. The lab aspect is a play on words about a physical place where scientists and things of that nature cook up experiments and come out realizing more than they did. It’s all the creative process! And I look at what...

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