When I think of cancer I remember my cousin Ivy. I remember my second mother, Angie. Not only that, I think of Bobby, who was a dear friend of the family. All three lost their lives to cancer. The common thread between them is they went through the standard procedure. Chemo, radiation treatment and countless bottles of pills I would imagine. I honestly believe there are people who survived going through this process of following doctor’s orders. However, it’s not the only option I think.

When you think of an illness, like cancer, you have to think about food and lifestyle. I believe these two concepts can potentially shape the outcome for better or worse. But don’t take it from me however. I only decided to write about this subject because a loved one who was in my life needed my support and this was one of the many ways I thought of doing it.

My Health Journey

A list of prominent names and book titles will suffice to educate and stimulate the way we think about cancer. I for one believe cancer is somewhat of a harmless idea, but I’m not the one with it and I can’t imagine the life of someone who has. For starters, Dr. Morse’s video on cancer opened me up to why it happens. However, I never advocate a person to do something or take advice from someone without first getting familiar with the issue themselves.

Second, if you’re like me and have a lot of melanin then a person like Dr. Llaila Afrika or Dr. Sebi will bring you into a better understanding about food and your biology. Dr. Jewel Pookrum must also be included in this discussion. These are some heavy hitters that opened my mind years ago. I tried what I learned. I still do to this day and I believe in the teaching, but that’s me. It’s ultimately up to you to decide your own path.

I recently started reading Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet.

More Resources

Two of my favorite sites Herb Wisdom and Herbs2000 are some resources I use to brush up on potential herbs and foods to use. There both pretty informative in general. What I don’t do however is blindly accept any thing I’m told or read and I recommend you to do the same. I like what sounds the safest and most affordable way out if possible.

Prevention Is The Cure

This brings me to prevention. After learning how cancer can develop you’ll start making better choices in terms of lifestyle. For instance, I try to avoid microwaving my food, prepackaged foods, meats, soda pop, alcohol, fried foods and milk especially. I could go on and on, but these are some things I consume as little as possible—if at all. It’s a lot but when your health, your lifeline and way of living is on the table then personal sacrifices must be made.

One Last Thing

A documentary titled Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead was one tool I used to fuel my health journey. I even invested in a nutribullet! I bought a water distiller because to my knowledge the drinking water from the faucet was questionable. I even subscribed to a home delivery service in my state called Door to Door Organics* and made up my line of defense for a better life. I try to do all these things to limit my chances and risks from facing these issues because I rather prevent a disaster if I have the options available.

*Just recently Door To Door Organics shut down business.


These were my choices. I only use these sources as a learning tool. I spent countless amounts of money on things I thought could help me. I was desperate, but now I keep things as simple as possible. Do I slip up? Of course! Donuts, pizza and Chinese food (not so much now) Are my vices, but I intend to make foods which are whole, in meaning close to its natural state, my target choices to feed my body.

This was my path. I chose this way not in a matter of days, or weeks, but over a 6+ year journey to cut bad habits I developed for more than 20 years! It isn’t easy, but it’s also not hard when surgery and appointment after appointment becomes your reality. I didn’t like that and so I made a choice. The only thing I can do from here on is tell people to make a choice of their own!

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