E]arlier today, a cousin of mine and I were talking about all the noise going on across America. For example, to remove the statue, or not remove the statue? That is the question. Corny right? I know lol. But as we started talking about that the conversation went a bit deeper. He brought up the politics around sports, like with Kap, or the guy who said “I have a family to feed,” in response to not making political statements as an athlete.

And I thought how cancerous being dependent on something is where you’re hesitate to do something in fear of retaliation, or a result being jeopardizing to your livelihood. I get it. At the same time, it is not a place I rather be in. Unfortunately, I know it all too well.

So Why Is Life A Video Game?

Real simple. In almost every game, you have a health bar. And in every game you have variables or factors that either increase that health bar (and keep it up) or decrease it. When your health bar decreases, you become a burden. A liability. How so? Your life matters still, but when your energy drains you make it easy to become dependent on others to either help heal you, or fend off bad guys from killing you. That’s video game talk by the way.

But in the case you have full health, then you can afford to stick your neck out there, and take a few hits. Even better, being a resource for others in the game who can use your skills. I rather be the latter. The player in the game who is a source for people and not a load to carry. When you’re so dependent on others, or a system, you by default are a load to carry. It is nothing inherently wrong with being a load. It all depends on how much though, and how much load does each of us have on others.

Again, if it is a spectrum, and full health is equal to being resourceful, and low health is equal to being dependent, I rather be close to full health because if shit ever hit the fan, then the most resourceful of people will be those who shoulder the burden of others. Time and time again have I saw people carry the burden of others who could not carry their own weight.

If I had it my way, I would not mind carrying a burden 10 times mine because that is the role I rather play. To be a source and giver of health than a source and drain on it. But that is life! It is happening as I write this, and will continue to happen for years to come. That is why life is like a video game.

Free Flow

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