What can I say about this 4 track EP? For starters, it’s like a quick dose filled with pure vibes man. To tell a story, I still recall the day we ran across one another on Twitter. I saw a video of her lip syncing J. Cole’s Love Yourz and I responded reciting some of the lyrics.

Heart beating fast let a ni**a know that he alive.” – J. Cole

Little did I know I was following a singer after that, and a talented one too! Since then I’ve seen her do a number of open mic performances.

I asked one time if she performed with her eyes closed because she would tell me how sometimes she would be nervous and perform with them closed. Having performed myself I understand how much it takes to even go out on stage and expose yourself like that. But in each one you get see her grow regardless and develop so when you listen to the EP it all comes together as if it was meant to be.

I remember her telling to me she wanted to put out an EP. Without much delay she put in the time and later released that EP titled Free The Butterfleye on the 25 of August, a date to commemorate the passing of her cousin Nyrobi. And for that project I commend her. She had an idea, stuck with it and made it a reality. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I can’t let the negative hold me down.” – Butterfleye

Hopefully by now you get an idea of what Butterfleye is about, and with the first 3 songs you’ll come to understand, just like I did, how needed music like hers is. The production is solid and it matches her style like a first day of school outfit. For the EP itself? It’s full of positivity, struggles but also a good sense of inspiration which leaves you asking, “what else she has up her sleeves?”

A favorite of mine is Too Soon because how emotional she is on it, making it a powerful song to me that hits close to home. It’s definitely a real one on a number of levels but what makes that song, and the entire EP, stand out is her potential and how far she could possibly take it. But don’t just take my word for it.

You can listen to the EP for yourself.


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