I recently saw an interview that Vlad TV re-uploaded with David Banner, and it was by far the most thorough interview I’ve seen in a long time. So much you can get from it in my opinion, but I get the feeling not everyone will care two cents about the content.

Regardless, there were a bunch of things he talked about. One of those things was Hip-Hop. It reminded me of a podcast I did called, “does rap music cause violence.” Long story short, Banner spoke his piece about it and I would absolutely agree with all of it. Music, especially rap, needs balance. The fans need it and artist who create music need to show it. And lately, that balance seems needed more as each day passes.

But make no mistake about it, it definitely exists. We just have to dig for it and not expect the machine that controls the airwaves to give folks, like myself, what we’re looking for.

However, I have to put out these age-old questions? Why is everything “shoot em’ up bang-bang f*ck these hoes and stack this bread?” There must be some type of elevation of content we consume and that artists’ produces. And trust me, I understand it sound dope and suppose to be fun, and almost rebellious, but what else is out there to make songs about? What else kind of music and lyrics can you create besides what’s popular? I know rap is a hustle for people but we as consumers and producers, as strange as it sounds, shouldn’t let it be just a thing that people do because of money.

But aside from that, Banner mentioned Big Krit. I want to highlight his music, and give it the recognition it needs. He doesn’t always talk about the usual. And on top of that, Big Krit got mad talent, but I rarely hear him being a part of discussions in the rap world that matches his talent. However, to him or true artists like Lupe, I wouldn’t think that even matters anymore.

But go and watched the interview, and let me know what you thought of it.

Free Flow

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