I was watching Black Mirror yesterday, and the Nosedive episode was amazing. I saw that China is planning a rating system just like it.

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By 2020, the Chinese government will have information on all its citizens compiled in a ‘social credit’ system. https://t.co/7VV4T2CnYU

And although we have nothing like it here, except maybe for your credit score, it’s kind of fucked up to view people as just numbers. The higher your score or rank, which is on meaningful interactions with people and being fake nice to them basically (as shown by the leading lady), then the better your chances toward upward mobility.

It’s no different from judging a person based on any other measure, whether it’s class, race or simple preferences. Instead, they look at your score and decide if you’re qualified for this car or that house, but if not, then you’re bumped down to an outcast that no socially appealing, high-ranking person, job or service would want to associate with.

It’s made life not just a game of who can survive the longest, but a numbers game full of people who’ll do anything to keep up them for special treatment. It’s really no different from how things are now when you think about it. You are better off calling it a rat race where mice with the highest score are rewarded with quality cheese. Therefore, making you a slave to it. It’s the perfect parody I think, which Black Mirror does well. But between the scene with the truck woman with a 1.4 ranking and the roast session at the end, you realize there’s always a silver lining through these types of monsters created with the intent to improve on society. In reality, it’s as if we only make it more ugly than it was before, but dress it up in such a way that makes us less human and interactive by the minute and more mechanical and artificial as Sophia or the gotdamn Terminator.

However, as I kept watching I tried my best to absorb what was really being shown. Because this shit right here? This thing we call social media is not a far stretch from this topic. It’s a gotdamn experiment at best, and we’re the subjects for a hypothesis yet to be concluded. Only God knows what this outcome will produce from now. But hey, it’s the way this world moves now and it’s really not much you can do about except unplug, or in her case, have the stain from her eyes removed and truly see the world she once looked down upon with a smile.

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