W]ho is L.A.Z? Like his IG handle @flowz4daze, it’s self-explanatory. But before I get into the topic of this post I want to give a backstory to you guys. The first time I met him was in college and at that time we both were rapping and making songs. I had the honors of linking up with on a few tracks that we recorded in my dorm room. How we ended up crossing paths is blurry, but I remember having a lot of discussions with him about music. He put me on to Wale and one of my favorite songs to this day by Lupe Fiasco, called Theme Music To A Drive By.

All of this was right around the time myspace was in motion and Drake’s So Far Gone was just getting started. But after recording songs with L.A.Z I knew he was a dope artist and lyricist. I can remember a song we did to Cassidy’s 6 Minutes of Death, and this guy used a Dodgeball reference like, “so when you see a real ni**a like me/you better utilize the 5 D’s, that Patches O’Houlihan speak…dodge duck dip dive dodge when the guns drawn,” and all I could say then as he kept spitting was this guy is cold! He murdered that song. But whoever knew he would later link up with a group of ill MCs known as Clear Soul Forces? Cause at that time I didn’t but I wasn’t surprised neither.

Just recently, he dropped an EP titled No Paperwork which is in my opinion a solid body of work. I can hear him on multiple CSF records, but it’s a good feeling to experience a full project of one of ya’ homies cutting up dope songs like Loco Dough or Optomist with a style that should make you understand he’s not the typical artist with little to say. 

Check out his music video for Celestial Vibes.


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