Writer’s Note: This was something I wanted to document cause I may dive in deeper to understand how I can take advantage of something like this, and maybe you can too! You never know what can happen.

Yesterday I came across this article, and out of all things it was about taking molly and how good it could be for people with things like PTSD. Without unwrapping that endorsement from a government agency, I saw something in the piece that caught my interest more than the topic itself. This quote below:

Source via @PopSci

It might not sound like much, but to me it was kind of deep. I had the pleasure of seeing the Secret before, and within it, there was a clip with a guy speaking exactly toward that quote.

To paraphrase him, he said if you go there in the mind, you can go there in the body. It went something like that. The point however was anytime you envision something, like a memory or an action, the body is responding to whatever is going on in the mind, which should remind people of what goes on inside their heads and the effect it has on the body.

But for an example, let’s say a paralyzed man is imagining himself running. The neurons in the brain and muscles all throughout the body that’s responsible for the action will fire as if he was running. In the case of the quote, it was about triggering memories, but the same concept applies I would assume.

I thought that was interesting because of what it would mean on a practical level. As in people applying that knowledge, and possibly rebuilding their body somehow by the simple day-to-day usage of their imagination because the body, like the subconscious as I so often hear, doesn’t know the difference between real and fake.

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