It’s said that we’re all gifted at one or more things.

For Terria, one of those gifts is her voice without a doubt. Listening to her recent work, titled Amplified, there’s a lot that I could unpack with it. One thing fasho is she wears her heart on her sleeve on these records, but that’s what makes it enjoyable as a listener.

After all, I wouldn’t think nothing less from a black girl who’s navigating this world. Besides, you wanna be able to feel where the artist is coming from and with Amplified she gives you the opportunity to experience it.

But to give some back story to how I came across Terria starts from Instagram. At the time, I found this unusual girl to be pretty funny and if you didn’t know about her music, you’d still be entertained by her personality alone.

But to touch back on the music, it’s definitely the kind you ride to and let play while whispering sweet nothing in your partner’s ear if you’re into that kind of shit.

All jokes aside, I’d expect to hear her type of music in rotation along with other great slow jams and modern R&B music of today because not only does it sound pleasing to the ear, it’s the substance of her lyrics. That love. That pain. That I’m with you just don’t bullshit me music. You feel it comes from a real place, like on Nobody, Love No More and Diamond, and the structure of her songs, like Plead the 5th (which is a banger). They collectively showcase the level she’s capable of performing at, including her rap skills.

From it being genuine to authentic R&B, the EP from the Baltimore native reflects a broad array of emotions mixed with hypnotic beats and a style so natural that doesn’t disappoint. Straight up!


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