Shun’s Lab is a place where different elements come together to form even greater elements. The lab aspect is a play on words about a physical place where scientists and things of that nature cook up experiments and come out realizing more than they did. It’s all the creative process!

And I look at what I do with music, whether it’s beat tapes, podcasting or creating content with music in it, as a science because it is. I experiment, like with Who Said This Rhyme. I break my thoughts down in opinion pieces about the state of music and other things. I mold things together into highlights of talented people. And I even mess A LOT of things up in the process. But most importantly, I brainstorm many ideas to present to the interwebs no matter the scale.

All of this takes place in what I call Shun’s Lab. And every single action that takes place within the lab, my place of work, represents and serves for a higher purpose. And that higher purpose is the mission and reason Shun’s Lab exists.

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