Writer’s note: This post is just a response to a video I saw @Jessiereyez speaking about equal treatment of the sexes around sex and shame.

Scrolling through twitter I came across a video done by Genius featuring Jessie Reyez who’s music I never heard of. I might even check out her music to hear what other things she has to say. But here I want to say this. Serious question. Why would you wanna be like men in that regard? I get the shame aspect of it, but if there was no shame, I generally don’t believe a woman is cut out like that. Besides, wouldn’t you think being like men would be just as worse for women than the stigma itself?

This notion about getting props for smashing multiple women, it’s a lonely world. Ain’t no equality in that. Being a playa is something to “strive” for but it leaves you empty, barely making real connections with the people you give yourself to. Put it like this. It’s a practice I wouldn’t recommend to my son. I’m not even being religious about it neither because a man who hasn’t grown pass his dog years is not a sign of any real world achievement I feel.

But if there’s a cultural shift on the way around that, and I’ve come to understand it may, then I’m the last person to shame a woman for it. We all got our needs so by all means do what you feel. I’m a just say don’t be surprised or upset when a guy or girl you’re really into chooses to hold you to a different standard regardless of what you feel.

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