If I’m Late To The Party Or Bother Not To Show, Then So Be It.

Just like we all don’t have to learn everything under the sun, we also don’t have to listen to every artist that puts out music. It might sound bold if you’re apart a particular music culture, but it’s really not in the grand scheme of things. For instance, take a person who likes art pieces and only feels inclined to have a certain type or person’s piece inside their home. You wouldn’t find that a problem because it’s a preference and we all have them. I imagine some of us live and die by them when others are more fluid about them. Either way, I don’t think it f*cking matters. I say this because as a fan of certain music, mainly Hip-Hop, I get this sentiment sometimes that being apart of this culture there’s this need to listen to every artist or be up on the latest and greatest because that’s what everyone else does, but that’s far from the truth I feel and even more so with today’s technology (i.e. streaming).

As stated in the beginning, many of us have a couple or more things we’re good at and are/were fortunate enough to make a career out of. The same applies to music if you follow me. Just like there’s a bunch of disciplines one could master, it’s only a few at a time I imagine we truly do — if that. The point though, as a collective we can come together and share with each other our respective disciplines. So whether you’re heavy into R&B or Drill music or 90s era hip hop, there’s truly no need to being a master or fan of them all.

In this case, I mean, fully know and listen to as many artists as possible within those genres (and others connected to them). Why? Well, it hit me late one night thinking about another music-related topic and it was so simple and refreshing. A reminder to myself that just because someone puts out content doesn’t mean it needs my attention or I need to listen to it. If there’s a gut feeling about the music, then I’ll follow course and see what it’s about. But when there’s a new song, album, EP, or LP dropping every day then it’s impossible to catch up and really digest what’s being heard to the point you’re not truly listening because the rate of musical output is so great.

I think that’s one of the many side effects in today’s music climate. A bug in the system, which is not all bad. It’s good however that people can easily record and upload an album and get their message out (or lack thereof) without a label then shoot a video using a cellphone. That’s the beauty of it. But you can’t have a gift without some form of a curse attached with it. The curse in this case is the game being oversaturated with people from every angle, lessening the value of the art form overall cause the bar lowers to a point where anybody with any sense of rhythm can take part. That’s not inherently good or bad however because I can personalize my music accordingly, trim the fat and dig through the ocean that is a streaming service (i.e. Apple Music) and find those artists I like most and rock with them for as long as I want to (or as long as the service and music is still live).

But to end this on an earlier point about the collective, I think when we have these music discussions, this is where people can put others on to what they’ve been listening to (and I’m sure this already happens, especially at parties). It’s just something to add to the fact we don’t all have to listen to the same music.

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