Infatuation with the life of “public figures,” namely celebrities, as if we’re entitled to it is one of the most terrible, but interesting social phenomenons.

I really wanted to think clear about this and get across what needs saying and respected — if not already. But before I get into it, I’ll start with some questions.

How much of your life is your business versus the world’s business? To go even further, what place is it of ours as people to feel entitled being judge and jury on issues involving strangers or people we hardly know, but see because they’re public figures?

Would it be fair for people to poke and prod into your life and the issues that contain it or is any of it off-limits and reserved to you and yours? Better yet, what benefit is it as a society being able to build people up who we admire for whatever reason, but then tear them down at the sight of imperfection when we’re hardly perfect angels ourselves? Does any of it sound moral to you?

I don’t truly have the answers to these questions, but what I can say is what’s your business is always your business and the same said for others. Unless there’s some type of agreement to publicize private manners, then that’s up to nobody but the parties involved. The courtesy must be equally extended to everyone because with privacy being so fragile and your business can easily become some stranger’s business, I don’t think it’s a stretch to think or say it’s time for some new rules and social restraint.

There are some exceptions to this, but holding grudges against people you’ve never met because they did something immoral is not a right that any of us have or entitled to have. The same with forgiveness. If a man or woman has made peace with a wrong they’ve done, but you as an onlooker didn’t, then who’s the one with the issue? It’s unfortunately you. But it’s not your fault I think. I blame our strange society that puts these flawed people on pedestals like idols and examples of what we should be, when they are not, and when they fall from grace we artificially feel disappointed or hurt as if we’re right to feel anything for a matter we had no business being a part of.

But to cut this short, I understand it’s all a shot in the wind because birds talk and dogs like to bark, but it has to be said one way or another. One of these days we’ll end this culture of celebritism and get to the root source of why we allow ourselves to feel we’re entitled to other people’s lives.

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