Question. When was the last time the government did something that benefitted you money wise? Well, the Marijuana Equity Act or (ME Act) is based on Alaska’s dividend policy for their investments in oil reserves.

They pass the dividends on to their citizens as a benefit to being citizens. Now the ME Act would do the same thing, but it would also factor in all the years of injustices to citizens who ever used marijuana and we’re punished for it, whether by fines or jail time. That’s the equity part.

Now the marijuana industry is set to become one of the biggest, hitting every sector from finance (i.e. banking), real estate, security, tourism, etc.

The money generated from all those industries should be redistributed to the benefit of the people, just like investments in oil reserves are in Alaska.

The use of marijuana has been greatly denied for so many years, but now since times have changed and people are now making a profit off of what was unjustly penalized, it’s critical to adopt such a policy, especially considering the money credited to the people would benefit them to encourage the marijuana industry to thrive. One hand feeds the other and each grows together.

Write your representatives or even the local ones and get them talking about this in your area. Model marijuana legalization after Alaska’s oil program so some of those benefits the State will get via taxes can go toward the citizens directly and enrich their lives — cause they’re the ones who suffered years and years from the criminalization of this herb.

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