I think this topic can go back further than what I’m going to do, but it’s something that been on my mind. I’m not the most religious but I do subscribe to the belief in God or a higher order. Now what does this have to do with hip hop? Well, I recall as far back as college when I remember DMC from Run DMC mentioned selling his soul during a lecture he did there. It was light-hearted comment, almost as if it was a joke. I figured it meant more though.

Everybody in they momma knows about the Illuminati. I remember watching old YouTube videos back when people were making those music connections and how artists were no more than puppets apart of an organized campaign. To do what? At this point, I think it’s obvious. Now here’s where the two examples I want to make this post about. The main being about Eminem and his latest album, and a small addition from Machine Gun Kelly and his song titled Rap Devil.

Like most, when Twitter told me to listen to Em’s album cause it was trending, I figured why not because Em is an incredible rapper. One of few rappers who have incredible abilities with flows and words. A MC they call it. But aside from his artistic ability, I came across a song on the album where he mentioned selling his soul. It was on Lucky You, which is probably the coldest song on the album due to both rappers talented flow. However, Eminem stated “I done won a lot of Grammys, but I sold my soul to get em.” And upon hearing it, I knew it wasn’t an off colored comment. People just don’t say these things as if they mean nothing. My confusion however is what did he sell his soul in exchange for? Fame? Money? Recognition? Probably. But who could he sell his soul to (assuming it’s something you can sell for a price)? Someone or some group was on that receiving end, otherwise him saying these things makes no sense and sounds nothing more than conspiracy thinking. I have no clue about who, but it’s the what that matters at this point. He said he sold his soul. A concept linked to making a deal with the devil who asks for your soul in exchange for whatever your heart desires. This is what I mean by the devil’s infiltration into hip hop. God knows what type of influence this deal maker has that artists would be willing, or not, to sell their soul.

It’s simply rubs me the wrong way knowing how pervasive this thinking is in hip hop. Glorifying deals made with the “devil” and these recipients of such deals are held in high regard in our society. Given awards and massive amounts of publicity, as long as they keep up course and be profitable. Even the devil wouldn’t put money behind a flop. It wouldn’t serve his or her interests to. But I found it funny that the music being put forth, the music I grew to appreciate, has a link to people who associate themselves with the devil. I’m far from a saint but even I know better that there’s nothing on this Earth with more value than what animates my body. And to any artists who feel like they sold their soul by doing something for riches, then I hope they find they’re way. But to the artists whose soul is not up for money, fame or recognition, I extend my gratitude to you.

Now about this latest diss from MGK. For disclosure, I’ve never thought to listen to any of his music. Sure, like Eminem, he can rap his ass off and better than a lot of black artists. But I’m not interested in hearing his raps. And seeing his diss titled, Rap Devil, it obvious why. This association of oneself with the devil and using hip hop as the medium to do it is more than revealing. I imagine people would pay it no mind, as something artistic and nothing worth digging too deep into. And I probably won’t think too much about it after this post. I find the irony in more and more acceptance of people affiliated with these energies. The devil supposed to represent the dark side. A side which we all have in various forms. The irony I find is in promoting this dark side. The drugs, the sex, all things related to pleasure of the senses. Let’s not forget the other qualities neither, like violence and death.

I understand to some degree of the occult viewpoint of the devil and what it means. However, we’re not discussing that now. What this is mainly about is these lower qualities of ourselves being promoting through hip hop as themes. Themes that any curious mind would find exciting, tempting them into a life of sin. But from my view, sin is good for business to the devil. It sells the drugs, the sex, the moral destruction of our bodily temple. No wonder society experiences a shooting here and name your conflict there. It’s a sign of duality in this world, but I believe it’s also a sign that we as people have accepted what religion attempts to shield us from. From spiritual and moral decay to which affects our society and ultimately our world and transform into something based on a new order of operations. One not tied to religious practices, but free from it and the idea of sin, where man can do what thy wilt undeterred by a God watching over them.

But I’m a leave off with this. If the Illuminati represents anything evil, aside from its occult meaning of enlightenment, then it’s like what Prodigy once said on a song, that “Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body.” And in context, he wasn’t referring to something worth embracing in my opinion. It felt like something more close to man being in bondage to another, more powerful entity. We can cast blame on religion and its negative tendencies but man can never fully escape his or her belief in something, and with the influences promoting what religion sought to control, man’s temptation for worldly desires, I feel this is simply trading one system of order for another. However, this other system believes man is the higher power and that no other force is beyond his or her control and authority.

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