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This is just a general run-down list of adopted ideas I look to when thinking about health and attempting to support it. For starters, I think health isn’t just about what to eat no more it is about what NOT to eat, at least regularly.

So Here we go

Avoid white sugar if possible, use alternatives.

Avoid white salt if possible, use alternatives.

Avoid caffeine drinks if possible, use alternatives.

Eat between the hours of 12pm and 8pm (circadian rhythm), if possible.

Sleep as needed.

Exercise and stretch when possible, stay flexible to keep blood from being obstructed and flowing.

Maintain bowel movements in accordance with food intake.

Eat foods that contain all amino acids.

Maintain an adequate mineral consumption because each part of our bodies is made up of them.

Stay away from processed and overly processed foods, like prepackaged foods and meals or fast food in general (they contain many sugars, salts, and chemicals our bodies have no use for).

Eat foods in their whole form and close to its natural state as much as possible versus prepackaged foods.

Use spices for they are medicinal in nature, like improving blood flow, digestion and help with waste elimination (cinnamon, cayenne, rosemary, ginger, dill, etc).

Breathe through your nose, not mouth.

Breathe with your belly more than the chest.

Practice proper food combining techniques.

  1. Starches and sugars should not be eaten with proteins and acid fruits at the same meal.
  2. Vegetables, salads, and fruits should form the major part of the diet.
  3. Proteins, starches, and fats should be eaten in small quantities.
  4. Only whole grain and unprocessed starches should be used, and all refined processed foods should be taboo — in particular, white flour and sugar and all foods made with them, and highly processed fats such as margarine.
  5. An interval of at least four to four-and-a-half hours should elapse between meals of different character.

Source: food combining for health

Drink plenty of water versus fruit juices and sodas.

Practice eliminating stress and reaction to it.

Try to use drugs and alcohol the way you would with any poison.

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