The age of streaming and limits of artist integrity.

I know this might seem like a bunch of words coupled together, but hear me out. And it also might sound lazy, but again, here me out.

From the artists perspective, the age of streaming and the internet has increased output. Songs, EPs, albums, videos, etc. A large body of music is up for consumption and it’s basically a dog eat dog environment. Why? Say you only make so much music and don’t keep up with the ever-growing demand of more music because consumers eat up material like it’s chinese food. If you don’t fill that void, like in any competitive business, someone else will. Who wins in that scenario?

Maybe I’m wrong and it’s more than enough space and long attention span consumers who’ll absorb music when it’s good and ready, something I remember Lauryn Hill spoke to before. That taps into the artist integrity part and if I’m on the nose, which I believe I am, and creators put out content to meet a demand, then wouldn’t there be a drop in quality? If not that, you run the risk of producing so much that you supersede the demand and it fails to reach its target effectively.

Add on the fact that consumers eat up and digest content like it’s another order of chinese food with a side vegetable fried rice this time. Basically, what I’m saying is the stakes are high considering all I’ve said. The chances of getting exposure is on the creator, yes, but in such a super competitive and rapidly changing field, you better be ready and not burn yourself out in the end.

Free Flow

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