I started to not say anything about whatever’s going on with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. It felt so unnatural, almost manufactured because it’s been geeked up in media for a while.

The veteran against the new face, that’s the narrative at play. So while it might be entertaining, it’s just not real to me. Now if I can step back for a minute, I can say I felt this way when I saw Drake and Meek Mill on the same stage. What was going on between them had the classic look of a Hip-Hop beef on wax. Record for record, but that wasn’t no beef. That’s just rap because these two are cool now. They always were cool I’d say, and when you have money what is there really for y’all to truly have beef over?

I thought this same way between Nicki and Cardi. And we all know that beef in rap is more of a marketing ploy (see Lyor Cohen’s interview on the Breakfast Club) than real problems between one and another. It just makes no sense to jeopardize your career and money over beef, unless it’s used to stimulate more of the former and conversation.

But all this about beef and rap reminded me of Yasiin Bey’s (Mos Def) verse with Talib Kweli. The title of the song was “What’s Beef” and I thought it outlined real beef from fake. And judging from the looks of this between Nicki and Cardi, I feel the sentiments match up perfectly.

But I wouldn’t let any of this stop the show because it’s only entertainment, right? So if any of this results in real diss records (not subs), then I’ll allow it. If it’s just talk for the Internets and blogs (the irony), then I’ll render this into the fake beef file and plug my attention elsewhere.


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