Writer’s Note: I know I’m a few years late, but man oh man was it something.

A lot of Black Mirror episodes make me fucking think but this one kinda hit hard. Now I don’t always recognize it or call certain forms of it out, but something doesn’t sit right with me when we as humans justify killing or the use of violence on other humans with self-defense being the exception. You know, self-preservation in all.

But how far is one willing to go to preserve itself I ask? Now it was ironic to me that the main character was a brother and in one of the second most important scenes, you see him and a woman (Danish?) tell him “you see me as I am.”

I thought that was significant. The particular part meant everything for two reasons. One, it never really occurred to me how normal it is for us to be dehumanizing to each other. Scrolling through Twitter and you’ll see it clear as day. And two, the brother being (at least from a historical point) on the other side of the foot in what was partly used to prove enslavement of Africans, by calling them slaves, niggers, subhuman and 3/5ths of a person.

By him and the other characters calling people “roaches,” it served that same function. I’m sure some would argue it serves some utility for certain reasons, but looking at this episode and all of its layered messages, it opened my eyes a bit wider. Call it a reality check.

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