I grew up listening to Bone Thugs N Harmony but I can’t always get with the singing that some hip-hop artists do today, and I can’t quite figure out the reasons why.

By the way, I can remember buying a cassette tape for their single Look Me Into My Eyes, which had the uncut, radio and instrumental version on it.

Call me a hater (which I’m not) for saying I find some of these type of songs irritating, however they’re not so different than what Busy Bone or any one of them were doing back then the more I think about it. I guess for me it may be a time difference or an age difference, or even a style and substance difference. If you ever listen to some Bone today and compare it to some of these artists who are technically harmonizing, it’s similar but also not. Weird I know, but hear a brother out.

I wanna like the music these artists are making being a former artist myself, I couldn’t go in the booth and do what they do unless I had some special effects to support because my harmonizing capabilities are out of the question, completely. I’m better off sticking to my guns and rhyming in a traditional way.

But with the artists today, who sing more than they rap, it takes me back to how Bone use to do and how I was able to appreciate it then and still now. Just put on any popular Bone Thugs N Harmony song like Dayz of Our Lives or First of the Month and you’ll understand. Those guys were always singing and mostly rapping, but when it came down to singing it was something you expected from them and sung along to because it was that good.

I can’t speak too much for artists of today who sing more than they rap because I’m not always listening. But the handful of those I have heard do nothing for me. I might rock with a song here or there, like this song a homie of mine tagged me in.

However, you gotta be somewhere near Drake or Dreezy for me to at least tolerate the singing is all I’m saying. But musically, I have to remind myself what it was that made me interested in Bone Thugs N Harmony’s music to begin with and maybe then I could figure out exactly why I listened so much. Maybe it was my bother’s influence or the singing was cool to me then and less than it is now. Whatever the reason, I don’t wanna be the one who totally disregards certain artists (like Trippie Redd who can really rap) and what they’re saying simply because they’re not rapping this way or saying something that way.

Don’t get me wrong though. It’s not the singing in general that throws me off. I listen to Lupe, Big Krit and a few others that have made pretty good songs this way. It’s more so the type and how it’s delivered. For instance, Lil Wayne’s singing sounds off to me to where I skip whatever song he’s singing on. I felt the same with the record of him and XXXTentacion.

I think if you can do it right and actually harmonize your vocals so it’s bearable versus that fake stuff people be doing, then I’d like it more. But if you’re all auto-tune or whatever it is they use then I’m not playing that record too often.

Free Flow

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