I was skimming through my alerts today and came across a movie, Widows, set for release. I’ve never even heard about it til now, but looking at who’s on the lineup I may check it out. But I remember hearing Sade was back in the studio so upon seeing she had a song for this movie’s soundtrack, I figured I’d tune in because I’m anticipating whatever project Sade puts out and simply because her style is one of a kind and hard not to love.

I don’t expect to hear her jumping joining the crowd and singing over some trap style drums or anything like that. I expect something a bit more. But about her song The Big Unknown from the soundtrack, I’m reminded how much of a legend Sade is. I’m the last to listen to slow pace, ballad type of music but when it’s done the way The Big Unknown is then I’m all for it. It kinda makes you wonder how the song will tie into the movie too.

It’s elegant in the sense her vocals take place over the song effortlessly, which builds dramatically as the song progresses. But as soon as the song is over you can’t help but want to hear more from one of the greats. Until then I still have an entire catalog of hers on my computer I can dig back into.

I even recall sampling a song of hers, called Fear, some time back but I’ll probably never release it. Who knows. But if I ever did, I’d do it properly cause you gotta put some respect on her name and work, and I can’t simply treat it like any other piece I’ve sampled before.


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