The irony to this video about Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas is I spoke to something similar a few weeks back about Nicki and Cardi.

It felt so unnatural, almost manufactured because it’s been geeked up in media for a while.

So being clear, I totally agree with PSAHIPHOP about fake beefing or dissing and because of what I thought about between Nicki and Cardi. But to speak on the rap between these two guys, my thoughts about that Joyner Lucas song was it’s tight, but what made me think less of it was how he went at Tory like a diss, whereas Tory’s first joint was just on some rap, styling type of sh*t. And I thought Tory had one up on him because his flow and delivery, like PSAHIPHOP mentioned, was impressive as is.

However, if it stayed on that, where both were just making rap songs in a competitive fashion versus crossing the ‘beef on wax’ territory, then I’d like the exchange more than I already do. But I rock with that too, long as it’s real and stays on wax. Soon as it gets beyond records then it’s gotta stop because we’ve already seen the results from that.

But PSAHIPHOP is right. It is corny to fake diss somebody you’re supposedly cool with, which is why I liked Tory’s first joint more and took points off Joyner’s joint after it. I went in thinking it wasn’t on any dissing to each other, but on some let’s spar with each other, the same way that Jay and Cam were on the NYC song as told by Jim Jones when he went on Flex.

Ultimately, if it’s competitive between one person and the other, and outside of that battle rap/diss lane, then I’m with it because you get to see two rappers showing off their skills, wordplay and so forth. Something you’d see in a DBZ fight between two allies. They’re trying to destroy one another but merely testing their levels cause steel sharpen steel word to Styles. But since it’s come to that battle rap/diss, then they might as well take it to smack or one of these other platforms and match up face to face. Why not?


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