Both of them fall under entertainment but each one taps more into our senses than the other. Movies are visual and gives us the pleasure to see what’s going on with our eyes and ears, stimulating our brain in a multi fashion.

With music, the stimulation leans to the ears more. However, our brains are fully capable of filling in the visual blanks, reacting to different frequencies within the sound. So in a way, the two are similar but different.

Now the reason I thought about writing on these art forms is it dawned on me how timeless they are. Meaning a movie from 2006 can still be enjoyed no different from an album made in 2009 or from some earlier time. Yes, of course we’re somewhat wired to want newer things so the atmosphere of today supplies us with that daily.

But I wanted to simply highlight how visiting older times through art, especially music, isn’t something we should rarely do. I understand we do it with fashion but how close is that to art when it comes to movies or music?

As I said, art is and always will be timeless to where we can find satisfaction in things from an older time while not feeling the pressures of staying up to date with this new film or that new song. Because often time, I’d imagine whatever piece of art released didn’t get its fair share of plays or views. Movies that flew under the radar and albums that came and went, but were twice as good.

Time really does have us wrapped around its finger I’d suppose and we’re forever racing against it, rushing to do A, B or C but never really being in the moment and taking that all in. I’m sure a lot of us are no doubt, but to those in the rat race trying to stay ahead or in the know, I say sometimes you got to slow it down and take a trip to the past, and either do it through movies or music. Because you and I might have missed something with everything being so quick today.

Free Flow

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