I’ve written towards this topic a few times over this year (here and here) and it seems I keep coming back to it trying to find the exact reasons I do. I think back to when I would rap and kill at least a dozen people in my verses lol. I then get flashbacks of my older brother telling me to not be something I know I’m not. As true as those words were then they stay relevant for me today. But since, I’ve straddled the fence in regards to rapping about anything versus something they call conscious.

It wasn’t until my late stages in college that I would consider myself as a conscious artist, and I credit that mostly to people I had around and the music that influenced me then. Fast-forward to now, I’ve rarely written any raps but I have written blogs. It’s a new wave for me I’d say where I can tap into Hip-Hop like before. Now about those tweets I came across, I can’t say I’m at odds with them. I already mentioned rap isn’t the most healthiest medium to consume but neither am I willing to discard it into the wind and for a number of reasons, but we’ll save it for another time.

Because rap now is so personalized that to say it’s a destructive force miscalculates the volumes of people out there making quality music. Music that is neither destructive substance wise or culturally.

I recall what made me more conscious in my songs and it was this innate feeling (among other things) I had to make a change or at least say something that could. Seeing people you know go through things, and yourself, created a need to speak about it and in a form where it could be heard around the world. Reminding myself of my brother’s words also served as something to live by, even if it meant talking about something that isn’t popular or gives people a reason to call you crazy.

However, I must admit I’ve always desired recognition, the accolades and honors because I thought having those things meant something, but a part of me never saw the point without it really giving anything of value in return, let alone something someone couldn’t use to build themselves with. And about the tweets though, I’ve had inner struggles before about them. But I made this platform, this place called Shun’s Lab as a vessel for something useful. And while I wish to uplift people I call my friends with it, I also wish to use this platform to use Hip-Hop for the betterment and benefit of us.

Free Flow

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