Before I get into the topic, I want to lay out some foundation. If you read any post of mine, like this one, you would know that I use to rap (I still do, but when life calls you put sh*t to the side) and I can recall many days skimming through DatPiff, downloading instrumental after instrumental (i.e. how to be an mc series) and many of them I still have on a hard drive.

Simply put, I’m a n*gga that use to rap, who likes rap and now make beats because of rap.

But in terms of my favorite 5 songs by these producers in the thread, I’m more familiar with Kanye West and Just Blaze’s production. That’s mainly because I grew up listening to Rocafella artists and The Diplomats a lot.

I don’t always recognize who produced a particular track though, like the Murder For Excellence song (something I could swear had Kanye all over it), which made me realize there’s much homework to do.

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@shunslab Murder to Excellence was produced by Swizz and S1

Not only in that area but with all the other producers listed because I’ve heard of them all and I’m sure I heard some of their beats before too. However, I know there’s a bunch of records they made that I’ve never took time and heard before.

That’s one reason I’m glad the thread was made because when brainstorming some of my top 5 songs by Kanye West, Just Blaze and The Alchemist (especially him) I realized how many songs I missed out on. And I imagine songs by the other producers are even greater because there’s like a 10 or more year gap of music I never got exposed to.

I can bridge that gap though and mainly due to streaming because I can’t really have a thorough top 5 until I’ve heard songs beyond what I remember and from a time that’s long gone now.

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