What do I know about fame? My dictionary define it as, “the state of being well-known and much spoken about; the quality of being famous.”

Now to go back to my question, I know very little. Sure, being somewhat popular among a few peers is one thing, but fame? Where people see you on the big screen that magically makes you seem important? They see you out in public; making your life no longer your own, but a product sold for endless consumption.

You put any person under that microscope and see how long they last. To be loved because your ability to move us emotionally is no doubt powerful, but there’s a dark side to this realm that many know about. The side that tears some of these people apart we ‘loved’ and they become a shell of their former selves, or worse.

Whatever happened to these people it’s not something¬†sustainable or healthy long-term in my opinion. Your business is the world’s business and you’re not exempt from its judgment.

But why do so many of us want this? We crave for it like a drug and once we get the accolades and recognition, we become surprised when we see these people crash and burn, only to show up on Dr. Phil or have a radio personality dig into your life as if its public information.

I can’t lie though because I’ve felt this want at least a couple of times or more. You can say I wanted recognition, but my personality and fame are two things that don’t mix. I like my right to privacy of all things.

And I can’t describe all the reasons why other people would want fame but the older I get I realize it’s beautifully wrapped. Once you remove the wrapping paper it looks nothing like how it’s advertised, and before you know it you’d wasted so much time chasing after something that many people couldn’t escape from even if they tried.

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