The headline is my response to a DJBooth article (recycled) I happen to scroll pass. I started to ignore it because it came off as alienating a group of people who aren’t necessarily the worst but needed.

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People who say “I only listen to real hip-hop” are the worst

I imagine they’re the critics everyone loves to hate but can’t deny they encourage artists who listen to treat their craft of rhyming serious and not sell hip-hop out like a 13 to 15 track hooker. And speak about things beyond the empty sh*t because we’ll get a bunch of rappers all rapping about the same 2 or 3 topics (violence, f*cking someone’s b*tch, and drugs).

Simply put, when I hear the words real hip hop I think of music that’s about real things. A song that is communicating something that makes some level of sense. There’s more than enough mindless rap to go around and if s statement like that puts me at old man status then I’ll gladly accept that label, but doesn’t take away from that truth.

Hip-Hop doesn’t need to always teach someone something or preach about something because it’s needs a balance between a number of things, but singling out people who favor a certain brand of hip-hop they call real (which is all in the eyes of the beholder) doesn’t take away from what they’re saying.

It’s necessary to have them in hip-hop, and not those outrageous takes you find on Twitter but well thought out critiques and ones that make a valid point. A point that aims to keep that teenager in line and not out running around with his or her head chopped off.

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