Writer’s Note: I once wrote a short piece before on this topic inspired by a movie I had seen called Gemini. I urge people to see it.

How many remember that Jay-Z song called Hollywood with Beyoncé on the hook?

Or what about T.I.’s My Life Is Your Entertainment?

Either one will do because I think they’re a perfect introduction for the mood I’m about to get in.

Now before I do, excuse me for being everywhere in this post (it started as a series of tweets), but I feel as a society when there’s an issue about a public figure, and it doesn’t matter what arena they’re from, we tend to hold them to a higher standard than we do people in our neighborhoods and families, like criticising famous person A is going to solve any real world problem when the cameras are off.

It’s just cheap entertainment that’ll be forgotten once the week is over in today’s climate. However, we think somebody saying something on camera for all to see is of any value besides entertainment. People think “it brings awareness” or “creates a discussion” means anything.

The only thing that matters when it comes to solving problems is solving them. Every adult knows the problem to infinity if I’m not mistaken. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that assault of any kind, especially to women and girls, is wrong. It’s at this point you’re either out in your neck of the woods chin checking your neighbors for raising sh*t kids or building communities that serve those in need.

Because I will say to anybody who has a problem with a topic “what are we doing about it” besides expecting something from entertainers? People who in my opinion have no business being held as role models, but I guess being in the public’s eye that becomes a feature, and I get it. But what I do not get is having conversations with people about their personal lives and not people who are in the business of solving said problem, because we leave these interviews with what exactly? I don’t think it’s anything of substance people can take in and carry out where they live.

If there’s a problem in the community, it needs to be solved in the community. But somehow we expect these companies and public figures to do what we always should do, and that’s cleaning our own backyards and creating a space within them for it to happen. People don’t need an interview to do that I think. I feel like this is the reason gossip sites and things like it exist. To air out dirt and drama, making us as a people look dysfunctional who can’t keep their house in order.

But regardless of what we may feel about a particular matter, it’s between that man and the party involved. If he wanted to speak about it then it’s his business, but simply being in the public’s eye doesn’t mean we’re granted with access to them and their lives. If the eye was on you and millions of people tapping into your life you’d burst, but because it’s someone you’ll never truly meet then it’s perfectly acceptable being judge and jury long as it’s not you under that scope. It’s why I don’t get the public opinion thing. It’s the least favorite attribute of our society. It’s hardly productive and probably more destructive than anything.

But let some sh*t pop in their community and you won’t see them on the front lines. At a town hall meeting, a school meeting, etc. No places that actually matter. All the energy put into these distractions could find some better usage if people cared about the subjects and wanted to do something meaningful about them.

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