I‘ve once already written about the group before, but today I came across a diss song from one of the members, Layzie Bone.

I hadn’t heard a song from him in some time I’ll admit, but as I scrolled through my YouTube feed I saw he was gunning towards the Migos and more or less 21 Savage. So I listened, and as I did I wondered why in the hell is he dissing these guys? I didn’t care enough to find out but after reading through an article, it sound like it’s pretty much about one group claiming the best of all time and Layzie felt some way about it.

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Now whether or not the Migos is the best of all time doesn’t matter because I expect something like that being said in hip hop. You got T.I. who called himself the King of the South, and later Big KRIT who claimed the crown, so it’s not something that caught me off guard. But I feel Bone Thugs doesn’t need to respond to groups claiming a spot where they exist because their work speaks for itself.

Sure, the Migos has received much success as of late but so has Bone Thugs when it was their time in rap. You can’t take that away no matter what someone says, but I understand if Layzie took offense. I just feel like it wasn’t a point because the Migos is hardly a comparison to Bone Thugs outside of how one sounds much like the other. The music feels different and catered to a totally different audience.

Me personally, Bone is better than Migos music wise but trying to compare the two substance wise is like apples and oranges. To put it frankly, the two aren’t even in the same league to me. The Migos may call themselves a rap group but they’re not a rap group like Bone and far from it. So when I heard the diss and then an explanation for it, I felt like it was a waste of bars but if dude wanted to speak his mind then I’m not hating it.

I just feel he should’ve kept it Joe Budden and paid none of it much attention.

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