The first time I seen Lay Lay was in a video rapping in the car.

BILL$ CO$BY on Twitter

bro she freestyled this and she better than all y’all niggas 😳🔥

Fast forward to a couple of weeks back I was watching tv and saw her in a car commercial doing the same.

Soon as seen it I was like “cut the check.” But I couldn’t help think about her possibly being exploited contractually in this because it happens.

All Def Music on Twitter

In August, That Girl Lay Lay became the youngest female rap artist to sign a major record deal 🏆

It’s none of my business and I’m sure she has good people in her corner to be sure all is good, but it did cross my mind. Aside from that, it was just another event where someone used this thing we call hip hop to make something happen so shout out to shorty.

Free Flow

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