Writer’s Note: If you’re reading this and get any ideas on where to look or go, then don’t hesitate to share your knowledge.

I mostly make beats using samples cause that’s how I learned. I’ve done works without them before but for the most part I like sampling and always will have a space for it.

But this past week, I downloaded some samples to flip and started working on them, then I realized I couldn’t put anything‚Äč together that I chopped. The juices weren’t flowing I can say, but the samples were fire!

The thought of using a whole crossed my mind cause I could easily place some drums over it no problem, but I felt that wasn’t creative of me to use something somebody designed (unless I chopped it and reorganized things of course). Then I started to think, “how in the hell did these people make these samples I’m using?”

Like, what equipment or software did they have to make this particular melody? Because often time I’ll hear a sample but have no clue what the person used to make it with, so I got to thinking.

If I can get my hands on some sounds like the ones I’m hearing from the samples I’m playing, then I really wouldn’t sample as much because I’d have things to create my own melodies with.

Now mind you, I have maschine so I’m familiar with the sounds you’re able to make with kontakt and so forth. And maybe my answer is already on my computer, but I know for a good reason it’s not.

There’s other things (I’m not sure what to call them) that producers use to make their beats and from scratch. The bottom line, I want to progress from making sample beats and into making more sample free ones instead, but I’m lacking in the sound department, and I’m more than willing to invest but not necessarily buy any heavy hardware because whatever I invest in, I want it compatible with what I now make beats on, and that’s my maschine.

Free Flow

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