Out of the 3 I’ve only watched 2. So to start I’ll briefly discuss them and go from there.

1. Propaganda

I first heard about this film on Twitter. Technically a clip of it I saw and it caught my interest.

Understanding it was a take on American society from a North Korean perspective, I still found it interesting because the truth holds no allegiance. I highly recommend this one. You can see it for free here on Tubi.

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2. Do Not Resist

As stated earlier I had not seen this one yet, but I have it waiting for me. The trailer is thrilling enough, outlining police militarization in America.

And while the high-profile events of yesterday’s administration (Obama) have taken a backseat in the media’s mind, the issue of our police force looking like small, occupying armies is alarming, especially with the recent flux of gun control calls.

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3. Drugs As Weapons Against Us

SHUN’S LAB on Twitter

In light of it being Kurt Cobain’s birthday, I wanted to share this clip about him (and a list of many others) from this documentary, titled Drugs As Weapons Against Us. https://t.co/7Pv1POq8g2

Now this film is close to me in terms of subject. I feel it bleeds into our society causing destruction in many ways, including criminal behavior.

The title is self-explanatory in that drug usage is a potent weapon that certain forces in government have voluntarily been apart of, and to my belief it’s to subdue the masses, making it incapable for them to properly think and distracted, using popular culture to push these same substances on our children to make them ever so docile, compliant and easier to control — but at a cost!

I could be wrong in my opinion, and I wish that I were, but I’ll let the contents of this documentary speak for itself.

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