To talk about why film has become a large influence on me lately, I have to go back a bit. We all were young and ventured to the movie theaters on those Fridays and Saturdays, the good ol days. I especially remember going to Southgate’s MJR, they even had the arcade setup that made going to the movies more than sitting down for an hour or two.

But as I got older, like mid-20s, I stumbled across a Blog Talk Radio show, called The Remix, hosted by none other than Ms. Blue. If you’re unfamiliar with that name then you wouldn’t understand, but I’ll just say before podcasts became podcasts, Ms. Blue’s radio show was the official place for a lot of things conscious, metaphysical and all in between.

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It was on that show when I first heard the name Panic. Brother Panic was, how can I explain, unapologetic as they say today. Probably the most straightforward, most blunt person I can think of, and he was talking conscious shit. None of that spirit and magical rainbow talk, it was hard-hitting information about things I barely understood, but it kept my attention.

He would do these movie breakdowns and decode them every so often, and one that comes to mind is on the movie Inception. It was his interpretation that made me attach to the film. He always reiterated how movies are tools for mental programming and social engineering, concepts that I naturally attract to for having a knack for conspiracies I’d say. To take a step back, he would also say that there’s more to a movie that meets the eye, that there’s a surface level narrative and, for the lack of better words, an occult narrative. But not every film is built the same. It all depends on the people who are behind them who may have occult knowledge as Panic would say.

Now, to not get to in-depth about all this, I’ll skip ahead and say I started to look at film entirely different. Sure, there was the entertainment reason to consider, but I was developing a habit of looking for narratives, things that Brother Panic highlighted in a long ass video about Hollywood among other things. A lot of nuggets in that one.

Then I came the occasional love of three of my favorite film types:

  1. Films based on truth stories (i.e. Compliance)
  2. Films based on comics or books (i.e. All things Marvel, The Maze Runner)
  3. All things science fiction and some fantasy

The reason for this is partly because these categories delved in themes Intriguing to my imagination. But not because they entertained me per se. It was more of being fascinated by the ideas the films presented, like time travel, government secrets, other worlds, dystopias (love em’), real-life situations and a trail of other interesting things. So in a way, I went from a viewpoint that film is much more than, to a never-ending appreciation of the stories they told and whether I could metaphysically understand some hidden narratives or not became a backdrop in all of this, but still there nonetheless.

All of the above summarizes why, at least partly, film is on an equal status with my love of music. I even envision to make my own, or stories for films someday and simply because I recognize how powerful and fun they are.

This YouTube channel Screen Rant has also added to my repertoire, breaking down films from a different perspective than I’d say of Panic’s. I particularly like their screen pitches segment and because it exposes the stories that some of our favorites films tell, but in a comical way.

In the end, I just wanna say that film has become a major part in my current life. With the rise of Netflix, movie sites and even anime, the topic of cinema will become an ongoing theme on Shun’s Lab.

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