Don’t think I shared a story publicly before so here I go. College days. My freshman year I wanna say. I get a call from my girl at that time. It was THAT call. The one where she tells you she might be pregnant. We was reckless, like two jackrabbits and we had to do something. Was it gonna be mine? That wasn’t even a question I had cause all I was worried was the implications. I was like 18 or 19, and terrified man. Fortunately a family member came through for me and sent the money I needed for the test, cause a n*gga was brokey broke and gas was already gon’ eat at my pockets. The only problem besides that was she stayed in Mount Pleasant. I’m in Rochester Hills and that was a helluva drive I took all by myself.

Her friend went to my school and was supposed to ride out with me, but she bailed at the┬álast minute so I was like fuck it and went solo. Mind you, I never been the Mount Pleasant before so I’m driving hoping I don’t get lost, or worse cause that’s the boondocks from my perspective. All I had then was some paper directions from Map Quest and my phone, which later died. But all the way there I had Lupe’s It Was Written mixtape playing on repeat. It was on this mixtape when I heard Spray Paint and Ink Pens.

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Don’t think I shared this story before so here it go. And everytime I think of this tape it reminds me of that story.

But before I got too far out on the freeway I remember stopping by Burger King for a break. And wanna say I think rich areas, like beyond Rochester Hills, have the best fast food bruh. I still remember that double cheese burger and fries I ordered lol.

It was really a journey for me though. I sometimes think “why the hell did I drive all that way just to give her money for that test.” It was the only option we both had then. But finally I got to her place. I wanna say the next day (or maybe that same night) I go to the store and buy the kit. She later takes the test and long behold it turned out she wasn’t pregnant. *sigh*

But I ended up staying there for a few days and we had a good time. Our bond was tight. But I dodged a bullet, at least at that moment.

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