Writer’s Note: Send anything to info@shuns-lab.com and/or DM me on Twitter. Posting your music under a tweet you’re free to do but I won’t respond for the reasons said below. There’s also a contact form below you may use to reach me.

Recently I had a couple of people send links of their music, but let me make a PSA about that. For starters, know that I’m not that person you wanna send music to thinking it’ll propel your career like a feature from Drake or Jay-Z.

You may see me post music related things on twitter, like beats, articles, songs and music videos to say the least and that’s because I’m generally a fan of this shit.

Like I said before, “I’m a n*gga that use to rap, who likes rap and now make beats because of rap.” Sprinkle in a couple written posts among other things per week on the site and that’s the gist of what’s going on here. I’m just like you. In the rap game to carve my space in it.

So you can send me your links because I honestly don’t mind, as long as it’s not that spammy type of shit, and I can give you my feedback from one lover of hip hop to another.

But please, sending me duplicated links with no type message thinking it’s cool isn’t the best way. Like Chappelle said, “send them shits to the proper channels,” like in an email or DM with a short message introducing yourself and what it is you’re expecting of me. This way we can at least start on a respectful level of each other’s time and actually make our interaction worthwhile.

If I really like the song or project I may even decide to include on my highlights segment, which I don’t mind doing neither. Moving forward, just know that there’s random people who’ll listen to your music on the internet but it’s gonna take more effort than simply dropping a link, hoping for a response or trying to get those views up.


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