It had its time but Rap City was that show that made watching BET worth it. I’m more of a Big Tigger era person and I’ll say it wasn’t a better Hip-Hop show out at that time.

BET’s Rap City: An Oral History of TV’s Longest-Running Hip-Hop Show

Freestyles, fashion and the final Biggie interview: Rap City hosts look back at nearly two decades of BET’s home for rhymes.

But without getting all reminiscent about the past I wanna hope for the future. In my house watching TV is all but dead. This the Netflix era, or streaming days for a lack of better words, and me watching anything BET wouldn’t be on that classic 59 channel.

Still, I wanna lay out a brief wish and say Hip-Hop is missing something. I think Hip-Hop is too commercialized to create a Marvel-like Rap City today so I won’t ask for its return. Also, there’s a legitimate reason why it’s better to leave some things in the past.

However, I cannot think of a single Hip-Hop show that is like Rap City out now. Sure, you have your Everyday Struggles, your Joe Budden Podcasts, your Funk Flexes, your Breakfast Clubs and whatever else is popular out there (fill me in down in the comments), but it ain’t Rap City and that’s what the game’s been missing in my opinion.

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In your opinion what is today’s equivalent to Rap City, or is there one? #hiphop #music

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