Scrolling through Twitter again and after a long hiatus away from it, I read the comments under a post from Say Cheese. Long story short, it’s not cool to use entertainment to portray things they’re not, especially a gangsta.

CityBoySizzle 🇪🇹 on Twitter

@TheHodgeCouncil @Saycheese_Media Well, rappers are entertainers… just like actors. If you truly believe the images they portray are authentic, you’ve been swindled homie. That says more about your lack of insight than me 🤷🏾‍♂️

If you’re not about it outside the booth, then don’t speak about it because niggas won’t learn until someone (like the legal system) tests them. I can understand the interest in becoming this cold killer, drug dealer/playa from the Himalayas in your records but at some point reality has to come home.

Be original, speak on what you know and most importantly be yourself. Thinking that being otherwise is how you’re gonna gain success is one thing, and it might work, but you’re making yourself out to being a fraud because contrary other forms of entertainment, like an actor in a role, Hip Hop plays by a different set of rules. Many already know this, hence why it’s not cool.

I remember back when we was rapping, young as hell, talking about shit a nigga didn’t do or have, it felt cool to do cause that’s what you saw and wanted immolate, but when you grow up you realize it’s not about rapping what you don’t have or do, and it never should. The sooner young black artists, especially young black artists, know this then the better for their careers I’d say.

Free Flow

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