W]hat can I say about the Forces and their latest album Still? To start, it’s a fun album while also like breathing in a breathe of fresh air. The dynamic group came back with what made me a fan of their work since Revolutions.

But I’m not here to review the album.

I simply want to give some impressions I had while listening. I think reviewing this album with only a couple of listens, or any album for that matter, doesn’t give me anytime to sit with it and get the full effect.

But to back up a bit, I say it’s a fun album because the 4 forces each bring different elements to the table on top of funky flavored beats (if that makes any sense lol). Just peep Diamond Rhymin’.

Ilajide, one who I can say I was sleeping on, came through tough on Still. I remember somebody said something like there’s nothing more dangerous than a nigga who raps and make the beats, and it never made more sense with him on this album. His style I compare it to Kid Buu’s character on Dragonball Fighterz cause he comes at you from all angles nonstop. He stood out on Still to me.

Then there’s E-Fav, I compare his style to a ricochet and he’s even better when they’re all together. The solo joint he has, titled Enterlude, I could put on and sit back while my lady feeds me grapes out a bowl as a take a pull from the fattest of L’s. *snaps fingaz*

Onto L.A.Z, he brought back his laid back style, one I like the most because that’s what I like to hear. That cool lyrical flow. But he can snap without a moment’s notice, like on Pump Pump (my favorite song btw), or finesse the beat as he does with Blaow and Kick It.

Lastly, the samurai himself Noveliss still slicing the beats like it’s Dinner Time. When it comes to him, it’s always a treat to hear him rap because he’s the most technical one and the bars paint pictures like no other. And I found a lot of humor from on this album which gave it that fun I was speaking of earlier.

But this is what I like about Still. The different elements that each brought make for an album I gotta keep in rotation.


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