By now some of everybody seen Rah Digga’s interview with Vlad. It’s been a few days since and the discussion over Nicki’s collaboration efforts has been tiresome.

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@LeyanPoison Fergie? A rapper? I’ll let M.I.A slide but she’s not really a rapper neither. But I feel you, she don’t have to do anything. But why not tho? There’s too many fresh faces out right now to not have a verse from Nicki.

But something Rah pointed out around the 5:34 mark was with rap you had specific rappers who each gave you something. So with Kim you got this, with Rah Digga you got that and so forth. Looking at the landscape of women rappers today it’s cool to say that still applies. It’s a micro and macro type of situation. On a macro level there’s plenty of variety and substance when viewed across the board. So one artist can choose and be the go to for this type of music, be it sexual, hardcore, trap, conscious or whatever you wanna call it and have it not be a big deal overall.

I can still be critical of a certain artist’s content because it’s mainly this or that, but because there’s a variety to choose from there’s nothing as a consumer to really complain about. Sure, on one hand someone can remain critical of a lack of substance and make a plea that artist to have songs about other topics. But we must keep in mind that this is a business too, and as a listener we can always go to another artist who provides that material we’re looking for and boost them, especially if there’s not much chance on things changing.

I kinda look at it like news where things are partisan (one way) in media and reading from multiple of outlets is vital. This is fortunately a good thing when the rap game mainly markets one or two types of products over others. I suppose it’s just up to listeners to really see who else is out there and big them up if they’re tired of hearing one thing.

But personally, I hope women have room to being more dimensional and the freedom to venture in and out of certain elements versus being stuck in it because that’s what drives sales. The day an artist can truly be successful and in different ways beyond the materialism will be the day women in Hip-Hop see a renaissance.

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