It’s a late night and I’m burning oil as usual. I just woke up in the middle of night for the second time this week and it’s never a good feeling.

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Waking up in the middle of night <<<<

But after all that I gotta load up Twitter and see what’s going on. Scrolling my timeline I see a bunch of bullshit but then see a post from Hot New Hip Hop on ScHoolboy Q. Says he was a performance guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show, which is a good look. After I clicked the article I found my way to the source, a Vice article interviewing Q for the runup to his new album. And as I read through it I thought Q in some ways was relatable.

ScHoolboy Q Is Not Here for the Bullshitters and Opportunists

ScHoolboy Q isn’t giving you constant social media updates, but he’s not forgotten you lot. As he tells it, the LA rapper is perpetually in the studio.

A lot of shit he was saying is something I’d say or feel myself. For example, a question was asked about boredom. To summarize he says,

I’ll be in there, creating, and as soon as I get bored I just put things down, and I walk out. I won’t even tell anybody; I’ll just walk out and go to the balcony. Just… I deal with boredom by being by myself, for some reason; my mind never stops working. It’s hard to explain it. My imagination is still strong, even at my age, since I grew up as an only child. I gotta get away from people sometimes. I get over people a lot real fast, too. I don’t like the same people in my studio type shit, every day, every year. I love to mix it up; change engineers.

It all was shit I would do and normally do now. But he also said some real shit on fatherhood that was beyond relatable. More like he’s grown to being a better person with a simple but solid outlook on life.

We’re not put here to just to kick back every day [laughs] – we’re put here to be parents. Everything else we’re doing on top of that is just extra. We’re here to reproduce, teach them and give them a better life than we had ourselves.

And I respect that. When I first heard Q it was his Break the Bank song that caught my attention. I even featured him on one of my Who Said This Rhyme segments. But I might need to revisit Blankface again at least until the new album drops because I didn’t give it a proper listen like Oxymoron.

What’s your favorite ScHoolboy Q song or moment?


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