In an era full of ads and free content, I’m not surprised to hear about YouTube taking advantage of its large platform by offering free movies to watch.

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Great Movies You Didn’t Know You Could Watch For Free On #YouTube via @looper

The only caveat is these select movies will have ads on them somewhere. I heard about it from a Looper video. And while it’s a good look for consumers looking for free movies to watch, it’s nothing more than rehashing what Tubi does.

They’re the Netflix alternative for those who rather not pay for a monthly service and still be able to watch a buffet of movies. It’s arguably better because it shows movies you wouldn’t see on Netflix, like those indie and older films that few would know about. And all they do is place ads sometimes during the movie, but it’s not invasive to the point it disrupts the experience.

And besides, it’s free to watch so even if an ad shows (which is not always the case) it’s not hurting anybody by sitting through it. Now I don’t know what YouTube’s ads will look like (I’m guessing no different from the structure it already has) but I see they have one film that takes me back, Masters of the Universe. I already have a personal copy on my computer to look at it but it’s nothing to watch it again on YouTube, and hopefully it’ll be more films in the future that YouTube adds to its platform. That’ll be more venues to see movies from, which is a plus for any consumer in my opinion.


Just got an email from Netflix saying they are increasing prices. Going from my current plan of $10.99 to $12.99 is no major deal, but if I ever decide to cancel I’ll at least have other outlets to choose from.

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