Shun’s Lab is true to the name. I dabble in music and film of course, but I’m also a long time advocate of what some call mental science. I don’t claim to know much, but I’ve grown to appreciate this body of work (neuroscience, neuroplasticity, autosuggestion, visualization, etc) and expect to understand more about them as time passes. But the reason I’m writing this now is I felt like recording some of my inner work.

So what am I doing?

The short story is I’m attempting to reprogram my subconscious mind with mantras and listening to hours of pre-recorded affirmations, sound frequencies, meditation (deep breathing) and breathing techniques such as the six healing sounds (more on this later).

The reason?

On top of eating a healthy diet, my aim is to rebuild my body using these tools. So I’m using various disciplines to achieve that aim. And while understanding our body replacing itself every so often, I’m making these steps to enhance that process.

The last of these techniques I want to spend time on is the six healing sounds. It’s said the body heals itself more efficiently when in a relaxed state. To me, that’s free from worldly thoughts and unnecessary stressors so I meditate and focus on my breath. With the six healing sounds, I’m trying to improve my meditation by incorporating this idea that certain sounds correspond with certain bodily organs. These organs are uniquely tied to our emotional state so a particular emotion has an affinity for a particular organ or body part. Where the six healing sounds (lung, kidney, liver, heart, spleen and triple burner) suppose to come in is each sound aids in releasing whatever tension is held there.

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Taoist ways to transform stress into vitality : the inner smile, six healing sounds Chia, Mantak, 1944-

The idea was interesting to me when I first heard of it, but I failed to practice it properly. Recently however, time and circumstances have changed and I’ve set my intention to use these various practices. How long that will take is of no significance. The only thing that matters now is repetition, repetition and repetition. Besides, setting aside a few hours throughout each day and away from the constant noise couldn’t hurt, right?

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