I really had no intentions to write this about Nipsey but this news about him is fucked up for so many reasons and many others I know I’m not fully aware of.

But this is it.

Nipsey was inspiring man. Fan or no fan, I seen Nipsey take on an attitude that made sense. He was too damn young to have everything he worked for destroyed in a matter of moments.

Not being from LA, I know there are things I won’t fully understand, but why is it that those people who attempt to bring wealth and prosperity for themselves and loved ones get targeted? What hate did brother Nipsey have that would cause an evil mind to bring him down?

Not only that, you had someone who was making the necessary steps to turn his people’s economic situation around and for generations to come, only to have someone strip him of that.

But to make matters worse, another family will grow up without their father, robbing his kids of a future with him in their lives.

But I’m a say what Nipsey instilled in me. For as long as I have watched him in interviews or read articles about him and his plans, he did a lot of good in bringing a mentality that many of us men have to adopt, if not already. That mentality to provide for one’s self and people. To have an enterprise that eases the stress of living in America.

I just don’t understand why an individual would be so blind to that and selfish enough to tear that down. What good comes from all this? Like Joe Budden once said on Send Him Our Love,

It’s sad another black man, taken by a black hand.

And I think I’ll end this on that note.┬áRest In Peace Nipsey Hussle, will always remember you for things you represented. Hip-Hop will never be the same without you! But your legacy will live on.

Free Flow

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