It’s been some time since I last wrote anything, but today I had something to share. There’s literally been a lot that has transpired and I could talk about but I’m highly selective these days. I have kept my ears and eyes on the film scene however.

‘Gemini Man’ Trailer: How Ang Lee Is Crafting a CG Will Smith and Immersive Feel

Paramount dropped the first trailer to Ang Lee’s sci-fi thriller Gemini Man, which includes a first look at a strikingly believable CG young Will Smith. In the Skydance film, Smith plays Henry Brogan, an elite assassin who is pursued by a younger clone of himself.

I recently saw the new Gemini Man trailer, which is a film that’s still being made ironically. Maybe there’s a method to the madness. But in any case, you see the trailer and come away knowing it’s Will Smith facing against Will Smith. Twitter user @DarthLetalis noted that it’s pretty much Looper—but Black. I would definitely agree minus the minor differences.

We know Looper was a film ultimately about time travel. Gemini Man appears to be about genetic engineering, or cloning. How minor or major this is to both storylines is something we’ll have to see.

Safe to say I think there’s a growing distaste with Will Smith these days in film (i.e. Suicide Squad, After Earth, Aladdin), but I’m not gonna be the one to miss any of his work. Gemini Man looks like some government operative type shit and I’m all aboard with that. Throwing in a bit of science fiction like genetic engineering, which is a rapidly growing field as far as I’m aware, reintroduces subjects that we haven’t seen Will Smith take on before so it’ll be interesting to see his play on it.

It does rehash some themes we’ve seen over the years, like cloning in The Island or tampering with the human genome like in Gattaca, and I’m sure there’s more where that came from. But you know every now and then Hollywood has to placate us with topics society, if not already, will deal with.

We’ve already seen Jordan Peele’s film about doppelgangers and themes about being your own worst enemy so Gemini Man, in my opinion, is building on top of those same structures in 2019. How well it does in comparison is another topic but we’ll see.

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