What’s not to like about Tierra Whack? However you choose to categorize her style, I’ll say it’s one that’s well appreciated.

I just happen to stumble on her latest video Unemployed earlier today. It takes on a Jordan Peele-like appearance because it’s a little dark with a sense of humor. That’s the first thought that came to mind. You see a young lady, who looks like a chef, a maid or something to that effect, and rapping circles inside a home while oddly peeling and preparing potatoes (more on this later).

Adding more to the insanity, she has a fake ass throughout the video. And you don’t really notice until a certain point neither, but she was definitely out of pocket for that one lol.

Now about these potatoes.

There’s literally stacks of them piled next to her. Then there’s one of them that’s alive, casually awaiting its fate on some Toy Story shit. It all follows the lane and approaches she takes to Hip-Hop, much like her XXL pitch video, which was funny in its own light. But who is she serving these potatoes to, and why? Well, we find out she’s serving potatoes only to be eaten by, you guessed it, humanoid potatoes. It doesn’t get any weirder than that But again, I ask, why potatoes fam?

The video overall, it’s hard to put words to it. What it means? I really have no idea at the moment. I’m sure I’ll find an explanation somewhere on Twitter or Reddit. In the meantime it felt like something that was enjoyable to make, and strangely enough I rock with it.


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