Call it my intuition at work or searching for peace of mind, but since late March I haven’t made new beats or listened to any music like that. Life can get overwhelming sometimes. A few songs or something my buddy may have sent over don’t count neither. I go through these funks or breaks from music sometimes where turning on Apple Music is the last thing I’m trying to do. I’m still bent about Nipsey’s death too. Even with making beats, if I’m not in the creative mode than the maschine not being plugged in.

This all ended a few days ago so I’m back on that Hip-Hop shit. Good thing too cause there’s plenty of records I had waiting in the queue. New artists I’ve yet to hear. I’m still working on that 4 bar drum loop too lol. Sometimes I draw inspiration from listening as far as beats and other things so that’s partly why. Then there’s ScHoolboy Q’s latest drop, CrasH Talk, which brought me back in the fold cause I been looking out for that.

I was part of a rather interesting exchange on Twitter about Joe Budden and him being one of the best from his era, which to me was a no-brainer but to each his and her own I’ll say.

I suppose you can say several of these elements got my interest in Hip-Hop alive again.

I can’t lie though, between my hectic life and rewatching Netflix’s Person of Interest, I needed some time away. I get tired of rap these days. But like they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. So considering all that, I put together some playlists featuring a couple of artists I like and their latest projects.

SHUN’S LAB on Twitter

Got these boys in rotation for now though. ScHoolboy Q Clear Soul Forces Lupe Fiasco AZ

SHUN’S LAB on Twitter

Tomorrow’s #hiphop rotation Shy Glizzy Rocky Badd Nolan Ninja

I’m even learning how to make some music that isn’t on Apple Music but in my library apart of a public playlist, which is a dope feature for the many mixtapes I have and not available for streaming.

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