I can’t even call myself a fan like I know all of her songs, her lyrics and entire resume as an artist and person. But I can call myself a supporter in that I would vouch for her without question. For instance, I think years from now No Hard Feelings will be a classic. All the way through it’s filled with variety and from an artist who can do it all. But why would I want her to succeed out of everybody else?

We all have those people we think deserve something greater, like being at this point or that point in their career. In every sphere of life, we do this. From friends, family and even to strangers we hardly know. But in regards to Hip-Hop, I look at it with Dreezy in a few ways.

She reminds me of someone I use to rock with. Anytime I look at her in interviews or hear her songs and speak some real shit for example (i.e. Schizophrenia, Invincible, Love Someone), I get to thinking about her sometimes and how I wish nothing but success for that person. It’s crazy too because they favor each other a lot. And then she just reminds me of the type of girls I grew up around my way.

Then there’s her personality, which makes you feel protective of her. It’s hard to explain. But I remember watching an interview she did on the Breakfast Club, and I’m listening like, “I hope she wins!” You can tell, at least to me, that she’s been through some shit, music wise and in life.

And I had the feeling she’s this woman from the Chi who got in this industry and may have faced some disappointments along the way so her guard is up. Maybe some bad deals, some who made promises to a successful career if she did A or B. Whatever it is I know it’s something as an artist she’s dealt with because you can hear it in the music. It would seem she has the success though. She’s been some of everywhere lately like on BET’s Boomerang series, but when you catch what she says in some interviews, you don’t feel sorry for her having hardships and her openness about them. You feel like she deserves it more and because of them. She’s talented as hell but you realize, and for women specifically, it’s more than just having talent, bars or passion.

The third thing I’ll say is her music is solid. In Hip-Hop knowing how to rap is a staple and she got heat. Making quality songs that people like is as well, and she has plenty of those. Then there’s having the business, the marketing and ability to connect with people and having that down to a science. But how could you not love Dreezy? She’s fairly young now so it’s difficult to see where her career goes from this point. She still feels like a fresh face, but with so many entering the rap field today who are equally talented, it makes you wonder if Dreezy can truly make her mark and without being overshadowed. Who knows?

From what I’ve seen, one thing I can say is she’s a go-getter. Whether her music career is on the rise or not, I think she’ll be successful one way or another. Being a fan of this rap shit though, you just can’t help but want to see somebody you find dope to get that same love and play from everybody else. And that’s why I want to see her succeed the most.

‎Big Dreez by Dreezy

‎Album · 2019 · 10 Songs. Available with an Apple Music subscription. Try it free.


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