Writer’s Note: So I did more digging and found out that Nipsey’s part is originally from his song Overtime. I had a feeling this wasn’t an original song because the verses and the beat sounded off but I thought it was on purpose, and yet, it ¬†still somehow sounds like a solid mix.

The aftermath since Sunday is well documented by now. I’ve recently devoted a couple posts about it myself, but this one will be different.¬†

Not long ago I talked briefly about an online radio show I would frequent years back. Earlier today I had the idea of seeing if the host, Ms. Blue, did any programs recently and to my surprise she did, and it’s about Nipsey (so far as I know). It’s about 2 hours or so long but I’m a tune in throughout the day. I did sneak some minutes in though and heard a song she included with Nipsey and Rick Ross.

I haven’t been an avid listener of Nipsey’s music so I didn’t know about it but when I heard the song, titled To The Sky, I knew I had to go find it ASAP, no Rocky. Before finding it on YouTube, I was at a dead-end. Luckily I did though because upon hearing it I thought,

yeah I need this one for the archives.

The title, the lyrics, the feeling I felt from it was perfect. And I always liked how songs would end the way it does, reminding me of songs like 2 Pac and Biggie’s Runnin’. Dramatic. Now I know this isn’t an official video to the song, more like a mash-up, but I wanted to include it as Song Of The Day and in honor of a fallen soldier.


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