It doesn’t have to be handouts of paper money, because that’s pretty much worthless, but it has to be something sustainable and well into the future for it to be anything meaningful.

I think the idea of reparations, which I’ll refer to as restitution, is necessary. I’ve heard some arguments against it but honestly, until America pay its debt then the conversation won’t go away. Facing it is only right.

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Georgetown students to vote on slavery reparations fund”

Any other time in history when a group have been wronged by their government, the received relief from that, and if not, were entitled to it by law. They’ll say no one are slaves today and those who had ancestors in slavery are so far removed that compensating them just by being descendants has no basis. But I disagree with that and mainly because. What should have gone to your ancestors can simply given to those descendants by inheritance. That’s how this all works.

The effects of slavery and the aftermath that followed were in my opinion systematic issues that had long-lasting impacts. Just looking at the state of affairs you see a nation within a nation that has made strides to be American like any other but not without a good share of obstacles. Some groups were given land by our government, others were given aid in other forms. But those slaves who made this country, they could give nothing to those after them because they had nothing, placing them in a state to fend for themselves.

Motel 6 Pays $7.6M to Settle Class Action Over Giving Guest Lists to Immigration Agents

Motel 6 will pay up to $7.6 million to Hispanic guests to settle a proposed class-action lawsuit claiming that it violated their privacy by regularly providing guest lists to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Terms of the preliminary settlement with eight Hispanic plaintiffs – seven from Arizona and one from Washington state – were disclosed in a Nov.

They tried the Freedman’s Bureau but it didn’t produce the results. There were various towns, lucrative towns, that Blacks built but were destroyed. And what did they receive for that?

You had policy after policy that targeted then free negroes. Not every person of color as they were called faced these unequal conditions, but when talking about those who have been wronged, why bring up those who have not? As some way to cancel out the wrongdoing, it makes no sense.

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Traces the racist roots of the gun control issue. Disarming the population is historically the way to create helpless oppressed peasant classes. Usually, it…

However, in 2019, if people could ever gather themselves and produce a claim against their government for past deeds that have no statute of limitations, I say go ahead. There’s plenty of evidence to support it. Our last names are huge clues to wrongdoing.

I imagine politicians and opportunists will somehow muddy the waters for their own causes, and offer those descendants with slave names no remedy (i.e. affirmative action) or one even worth its salt. But I still think, until this talk of restitution for African-American descendants of slaves is dealt with, then we’ll continue to have a people who feel no allegiance for a country that claims to be about justice.

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