Writer’s Note: Here’s the video below in question, which parts of were called Witchcraft.

I haven’t been to church in some time but when I use to go, especially as a kid, the music and choir is what moved the people. The fact that sound has a definite effect on the human body and some people intentionally make music knowing this, doesn’t mean it’s a “product” of Satan or witchcraft. But honestly, if I thought outside the biblical frame and explored what she’s calling witchcraft, I’d see it’s nothing that the creator didn’t create.

Sound as I know is apart of his creation. In the Bible, it mentions that in the beginning there was his word, a sound.¬†And every single sound has a frequency and that frequency vibrates with specific points throughout the body. Science even validates this. I even shared one time how making certain breathing sounds can relieve stress, tension and potentially heal the body. Is that sorcery? To use what God has created to heal people or yourself? I don’t believe so.

Now I’ve watched the segment in question and at this point in my life, I’m unaware of things like tarot cards and what positive or negative effects they might have, so I won’t speak toward something I have no understanding of. However, is it something outside of the Bible ethos? Maybe it is. Why though you think? Looking at it and at face value, it’s not something I would categorize as evil or something created by Satan, which has its own unique meaning to me.

One thing I’ll say about Satan is he’s suppose to represent the lower self of man and woman, and Jesus the higher self. But both concepts are like coins. Neither are physical beings that truly existed. It’s more of a story, a mythology if you will, and coded to represent the complexity of the human body among other worldly, virtuous things. Taking a step back however, this doesn’t mean I’m disqualifying my faith because I am a Christian by upbringing. Putting my faith in the Lord is first and foremost. I just happen to view these types of things differently nowadays.

As far as sound frequencies goes though, there’s literally nowhere you can go without being physically and mentally manipulated. Even that word manipulation isn’t something inherently negative or created by Satan. He may be the master of deception but manipulation is rather an unique term. At every point in life we’re manipulated in some form. From suggestions as children to the peers we grow up with and beyond.

The one thing I would say is negative about being manipulated is when the intention ends in harm. If someone uses sound that generates a wellbeing throughout the body, I’m not casting it out like a demon. We’ve come too far in science to ignore the benefits that sound and specific frequencies have on us. Calling it a form of sorcery or evil is nothing more than a misunderstanding. But even saying that, I too understand the avoidance of certain practices by religious people. If it’s not aligned with what you know then by all means continue living your life as you see fit. For those who venture out and explore the unorthodox in this world, I’d only offer you safe journeys and that you don’t get lost, but find whatever your soul is looking for because there’s many ways to finding salvation. That’s something I believe and always will.

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